Podcast History


The PT Podcast Network was created in 2011 and originally hosted by Erik Meira. PT Podcast was an interview show for physical therapists. It was developed as a way to provide professionals with insight into the career paths of many respected and/or interesting physical therapists and to discuss current topics in the profession. The hour-long relaxed format allowed the listener to get to know the guest in a more intimate, conversational manner. Interviews were conducted face-to-face to keep the chat casual and to assure the highest quality recordings.

Following the expansion of PT Podcast into a network of related podcasts, including PT Inquest, The NAF Podcast, Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast, and Talking Tendons, Scott Greenberg and Jason Tuori rebranded the podcast network in 2021. The PT Podcast: Sports Edition is the first show of the new network, focused on highlighting both current evidence in sports physical therapy and the career paths of professionals in the sports world.

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See the archive below for past episodes:

PT Podcast episodes

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Episode 8: Mark Paterno

Episode 7: Teresa Schuemann

Episode 6: Todd Ellenbecker

Episode 5: Amy Arundale

Episode 4: Janet Bezner

Episode 3: Ross Nakaji

Episode 2: JW Matheson

Episode 1: George Davies