As a listener, you are aware that we do not charge any money for any of our content. Although PT Podcast Network is a labor of love, it is not without cost. Things like bandwidth, web hosting, recording equipment/software, etc are not free and can really add up each month. And then there is the time spent researching, writing, recording, editing, and producing the shows.

Instead of taking on sponsors (except like $2 a month from Amazon), we have decided to make this a listener supported endeavor via donations. Our full content will always be 100% free for all listeners, but we want to give an opportunity to those who wish to offer support.

There are two ways that you can donate. The most helpful for us would be a monthly donation. This will help us set a monthly operating budget and plan for future projects. You can cancel at any time.

But we understand if you have a fear of commitment and just want to throw us a one-time donation to say “Thank You!” We have no shame, we’ll take anything you want give us! Want to pick your own donation amount? You can do that too…

You can also buy crap with the PT Inquest Logo on it!

We run our payments through PayPal just to make things easier for everyone. The currency will change as needed for your country after the transaction is complete. NO REFUNDS!

*None of these donations are tax deductible in the United States*

Suggested Monthly Subscriptions

$1 per month
I know, right? Just a dollar? What good is that? We have thousands of downloads a month worldwide. If everyone gave just a dollar (or whatever that is in your currency), it would be huge! Students, keep listening for free but if you can clean out some couch cushions each month it would make a difference. Every bit helps!

$3 per month
If everyone gave one dollar, that would be huge, but imagine THREE dollars! It’s like…three times as much!

$5 per month
Ok. That is very kind. You get our sincerest gratitude.

$10 per month
So those folks who only gave $5 a month? Losers! Now YOU…you get our truly sincerest gratitude.

$15 per month or more
Seriously? Wow. We don’t know what you say other than THANK YOU! This is for that person who has a little extra discretionary (thanks spellcheck) income and would like to really give a solid backing for the project. Again, thank you!

One-Time Donation

$25 One Time Maybe you heard one episode and thought, “I really liked that one.” Just a little nod our way to say “Thumbs Up!”

$50 One Time You don’t want to commit to regular donations but you would like to have a bigger impact on our bottom line. We totally understand and appreciate your support.

$100 One Time For the listener with discerning tastes, only the finest donation will do. You have made it in your career and want to help others by supporting our network. We would say thank you, but we know that a noble person such as yourself doesn’t donate for the accolades, but instead for the warm feeling that it gives you deep down inside. Either way, thank you good sir/madam. You are a fine human being.

Name Your Own Donation

Any amount from $1 to $1,000,000, go ahead and throw it our way – the sky’s the limit! We thank you for any help you can give! But seriously, if you gave us a million dollars? That would be awesome. We’ll get like, an official PT Podcast Network boat or something…

Again, that you so much for even considering some financial support for the network!