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PT Inquest

We are on currently on break. Next season starts on January 8, 2019.

PT Inquest was started as a way to discuss the use of science and evidence in the practice of physical therapy. A more structured and frequent show, PT Inquest explores current research discussing strengths, weaknesses, and clinical application in an honest, open, and critical fashion. Hosted by Erik Meira and J.W. Matheson with occasional guests Jason Brumitt and Scot Morrison, the show is recorded via online chat during regular intervals. It is like listening in on a journal club conversation, hopefully making the listener think more critically about their own practice and keeping their mind open to alternate and opposing ideas.

If you are looking for the discussion group mentioned in the early episodes, we shut that down. Feel free to contact us through the contact form.

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ErikJWPT Inquest episodes

2018 PT Podcast Network Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 144: Predatory Journals And You

Episode 143: Early Intensive Pain Education To Reduce Chronic Back Pain

Episode 142: Evidence-Based PT Marketing

Episode 141: Frickin Lasers

Episode 140: Compensatory Strategies After ACLR w/ Susan Sigward

Episode 139: Rotator Cuff Surgery and Non Inferiority

Episode 138: PT Practice Patterns Following ACLR

Episode 137: Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

Episode 136: Concussion Confusion w/ Jason Hugentobler

Episode 135: Predictors of Postop Pain: Psychosocial or Structural?

Episode 134: ACL Injury and Cardiovascular Diseases

Episode 133: Scientific Journals and Advocacy

Episode 132: The Long and the Short on Isometrics for Tendon Pain

Episode 131: Exercise vs Injection for Gluteal Tendinopathy

Episode 130: Blood Flow Restriction Training and You w/ Scot Morrison

Episode 129: Pain Neuroscience and Exercise for Chronic Spine Pain w/ Kenny Venere

Episode 128: Surgery vs Physical Therapy for FAIS

Episode 127: Anxiety Depression and Concussion Baseline Measures

Episode 126: Screening for Female Athlete Triad w/ Mitch Rauh

Episode 125: Plantarflexors, Training Volume and Intensity in Aging Runners w/ Blaise Williams

Episode 124: Are Athletes Adequately Tested Prior to RTS After ACLR? w/ Allison Toole & Matt Ithurburn

Episode 123: How to Fix the Weak Spots in Contemporary Science

Episode 122: Injections, Shams, and Achilles Tendinopathy

Episode 121: Hamstrings Fatigue After Injury

Episode 120: Placebo Use In Sports Medicine

Episode 119: Thinking Clearly About Correlations and Causation

Episode 118: Spin in the Literature

Episode 117: Double Your Bundle

Episode 116: Effective Treatments for Musculoskeletal Pain

Episode 115: How To Survive the Medical Misinformation Mess

Episode 114: Changing Hip Morphology During Adolescence

Episode 113: Preparing to Avoid Research Waste

Episode 112: Cost-Effectiveness of Early Rehabilitation After Lumbar Disc Surgery

Episode 111: Psychological Interventions and Pain

Episode 110: Statistics As A Grammar For Research

Episode 109: Rate of Force Development and PFP

Episode 108: Postural Control and ACL Injury Risk

Episode 107: Minimum Information for Studies Evaluating Biologics in Orthopaedics

Episode 106: How to Science in Medicine

Episode 105: Rehab After Meniscal Repair

Episode 104: The Costs of Low Value Healthcare

Episode 103: Prognostic Factors for Postop Frozen Shoulder

Episode 102: Subgrouping Is Really Hard

Episode 101: Measuring Quad Index In Your Clinic

Episode 100: A Look Back At PT Inquest

Episode 99: Effect of Early ROM After RTC Repair

Episode 98: Learning From Critique

Episode 97: Clinician Expectation of Benefits and Harms

Episode 96: Patellofemoral Pain and the Envelope of Function

Episode 95: Early PT Does Not Reduce Healthcare Utilization in Acute LBP

Episode 94: PT Podcast Network Holiday Extravaganza 2016

Episode 93: Warwick Agreement on FAI Syndrome

Episode 92: Isometrics vs Isotonics for Patellar Tendon Pain

Episode 91: Predicting PT Outcomes for Shoulder Pain

Episode 90: Overground vs Treadmill Loads (with Rich Willy)

Episode 89: Effects of Structured Exercise on Depression

Episode 88: Hip Strength With Quad Deficits After ACLR (with Matt Ithurburn)

Episode 87: Lack of Credibility of Subgroup Claims in LBP

Episode 86: Preventing Overuse Shoulder Injuries (with Adam Meakins)

Episode 85: Physical Agents Are Effective Sorta

Episode 84: Running Into Arthritis

Episode 83: Predicting Injuries in Sports

Episode 82: Self-Managed Single Exercise Program for RTC

Episode 81: Effect of Abdominal Bracing on GRF

Episode 80: Glenohumeral Kinematics with RTC Tears

Episode 79: Predicting Pain After Shoulder Surgery

Episode 78: Using LP-PRP for Osteoarthritis

Episode 77: Predicting Hamstring Injuries

Episode 76: Getting Salty About The Literature

Episode 75: How a Tendon is Like a Doughnut

Episode 74: Orthopedic Surgeons Are Bad With Uncertainty

Episode 73: Lever Sign for ACL Injury

Episode 72: How To Tear An ACL

Episode 71: High Ankle Sprains

Episode 70: Epidemiology of Sports-Related Concussions

Episode 69: PT Podcast Network Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 68: Strength Asymmetry and Landing Mechanics After ACLR (with Laura Schmitt)

Episode 67: Hip Strength Greater with PFP (with Greg Lehman)

Episode 66: To Cut or Not To Cut for Rotator Cuff Tears

Episode 65: Interpreting Pain Research (with Neil O’Connell)

Episode 64: PFP in Adolescence vs Adults

Episode 63: What To Do With Fat Hips

Episode 62: To Decompress or Not To Decompress Subacromial Space

Episode 61: Inflammatory Cells and Painful Tendinopathy (with Peter Gettings)

Episode 60: Hip Strength and Dynamic Lower Extremity Control

Episode 59: Hip Internal Rotation and ACL Fatigue Failure

Episode 58: Hip Strength, FAI, and Labral Tears

Episode 57: Quad Strength and Patellofemoral Chondral Damage After ACLR

Episode 56: Exercise Interventions for the Treatment of CLBP

Episode 55: Pain Sensitivity and Its Response to Desensitization

Episode 54: FAI in Elite Ice Hockey Goaltenders

Episode 53: Strength Changes After Hamstring Autograft ACLR

Episode 52: Influence of PT Kinesiophobic Beliefs

Episode 51: Undiffusion of Established Practices

Episode 50: Mechanisms of Manual Therapy

Episode 49: Eccentric Hip Abduction Strength and PFP

Episode 48: Nonsurgical Care for Lateral Epicondylalgia

Episode 47: Enhancing Motor Learning to Reduce Injury Risk

Episode 46: Bogus Visual Feedback and Chronic Neck Pain

Episode 45: Kinesiophobia After ACLR

EXTRASODE: When A Valid Argument Can Be False

Episode 44: Steroid Injection vs Manual Physical Therapy (with Adam Meakins)

EXTRASODE: Does God Exist?

Episode 43: Nonlinear Pedagogy and Learning Sport Skills

EXTRASODE: The Science Series

EXTRASODE: Operant Conditioning and Positive Feedback Loops

Episode 42: Classification Systems for Chronic LBP

Episode 41: Rectangular Tunnels for ACLR

Episode 40: ACLR Technique and Kinematic Forces

Episode 39: Hip-Spine Syndrome

Episode 38: Normal Landing Mechanics

Episode 37: Hip Strength and PFP

Episode 36: IASTM and ROM Changes

Episode 35: Quad Strengthening for PFPS

Episode 34: Incidence of 2nd ACL Injury in First 2 Years

Episode 33: FMS In-Line Lunge Compared to Performance Measures

Episode 32: PT and Hip OA

Episode 31: Biomechanical Markers After Manipulations

Episode 30: Therapeutic Alliance

Episode 29: ACLR Active Flexion Deficit and Bundling

Episode 28: Injury Prevention Programs

Episode 27: Dry Needling

Episode 26: Research Needs

Episode 25: MET for PFPS and Roller Massage Increasing ROM

Episode 24: Gluteus Medius Repairs and Lumbopelvic Manip/KT in PFPS

Episode 23: Arthroscopy in Knees with DJD and STarT Back Screening Tool

Episode 22: MRI Accuracy of Cartilage Lesions and MRI Accuracy of Lumbar Disk Herniation Follow Up

Episode 21: Steroid/Physio with Epicondylalgia and Early OKC after ACLR

Episode 20: Nonoperative vs operative ACL after 5 years and EMG comparing gluteus medius vs TFL

Episode 19: Transphyseal ACL Reconstruction in Skeletally Immature and ACL Reconstruction Surgery Timing After Injury

Episode 18: Strength with Epicondylalgia and Movement Pattern Modification with PFPS

Episode 17: OAT vs. Microfracture (again) and Systematic Review of CPRs

Episode 16: OAT vs. Microfracture and Operative vs. Nonoperative ACL

Episode 15: Lateral Ankle Sprains and SMT Efficacy in Acute LBP

Episode 14: Cartilage Research and Strain Counterstrain

Episode 13: Mirror Gait Retraining in PFPS and Neurogenerative Causes of Death in NFL

Episode 12: Quadriceps Femoris Strength Asymmetry and Rate of Force Development After ACLR

Episode 11: Kinesio Tape vs. Thrust Manipulations and Accelerated Rehab After ACI

Episode 10: Inactivity/Disease and Classification-Based LBP Approach

Episode 9: Bankart Repair and High Ankle Sprain Prognostic Predictors

Episode 8: CNLBP Prognosis and Effusion/Quad Inhibition

Episode 7: ACL Survival and Hip Strength/Trunk Kinematics in PFPS

Episode 6: Weight loss after THA and Scapular Assistance Test

Episode 5: Diathermy and Meniscus Surgeries

Episode 4: PFPS Predictors and Early ROM after RTC Repair

Episode 3: Cam Incidence and Comparing Exercise Treatments for Chronic NS LBP

Episode 2: Patient Activation and Non-Specific Effects

Episode 1: Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and New Ideas

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