Talking Tendons

Hosted by Peter Malliaras, this podcast delves deep into the best and most clinically relevant new studies on tendinopathy. The focus is what questions the researchers tried to answer and why, how they did it, what they found, and very importantly, the “so what” factor. That is, how can it be applied to the clinic and to individual tendinopathy patients.

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Talking Tendons episodes

2018 PT Podcast Network Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 7: Isometric exercise for tendinopathy – Variation between humans does exist!

Episode 6: Does your psychological wellbeing affect your tendinopathy treatment outcome?

Episode 5: What’s the deal with gluteal strength and patellar tendinopathy?

Episode 4: Exercise Research for Gluteal Tendinopathy

Episode 3: Technology focused systematic reviews that will change your practice

Episode 2: Non-uniform Achilles tendon strain: What is it and should we care?

Episode 1: Efficacy of PRP injections for tendinopathy…really?