Hosted by Erik Meira, PT Podcast is an interview show for physical therapists. It was developed as a way to provide professionals with insight into the career paths of many respected and/or interesting physical therapists and to discuss current topics in the profession. The hour-long relaxed format allows the listener to get to know the guest in a more intimate, conversational manner. Interviews are also always conducted face-to-face to keep the chat casual and to assure the highest quality recordings. It’s like overhearing a dinner conversation.

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PT Podcast episodes

Episode 21: Cory Blickenstaff

Episode 19: Sandy Hilton

Episode 18: Terry Malone

Episode 17: Chuck Thigpen

Episode 16: Chris Wilson

Episode 15: Barb Hoogenboom

Episode 14: Allen Hardin

Episode 13: Mike Reiman

Episode 12: Dan Lorenz

Episode 11: Phil Page

Episode 10: John DeWitt

Episode 9: Rob Manske

Episode 8: Mark Paterno

Episode 7: Teresa Schuemann

Episode 6: Todd Ellenbecker

Episode 5: Amy Arundale

Episode 4: Janet Bezner

Episode 3: Ross Nakaji

Episode 2: JW Matheson

Episode 1: George Davies