The NAF Physio Podcast Episode 5: Talking Penises and Vaginas with Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag

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***WARNING: Explicit content***

In this episode Adam talks about pelvic health issues with Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag, two specialists from Chicago, IL in the US of A. We discuss pelvic pain and incontinence, as well as discussing why there are no male pelvic health physios. Sarah and Sandy also discuss how to overcome the embarrassment of discussing personal and intimate things with patients, and Adam tries his hardest to offend everyone with coming up with as many different terms for male and female genitalia.

Music by Kevin MacLeod –
Intro – Also sprach Zarathustra
Transition – Gaslamp Funworks
Close – Vivacity

Photo credit: “My favourite toilet sign” by Rev Stan via Flickr

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